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The Passing Crow

“The Passing Crow” by C.T. Myles is a fascinating search for a timeless dilemma, the choice between Wisdom and Power. In a story echoing the conflicts of ancient gods, Zeus, in a fit of anger, opts for Power, while Odin, driven by love for his son, chooses Wisdom. This single decision becomes the basis upon which the fate of characters and worlds pivots, setting the stage for either prosperity or heartbreak, legacy or destruction.

Written in simple and advising language, the book takes readers on a journey through mythical landscapes, encouraging them to consider their own choices in life. Myles writes a story that transcends time, inviting readers to reflect on the question: What would you choose, Wisdom or Power? The storyline is both accessible and inspiring, making it an engaging read for a wide audience.

“The Passing Crow” entertains with its mythical elements and invites readers to probe into the deeper layers of human decisions and their consequences. With a careful balance of simplicity and depth, C.T. Myles writes a story that connects with readers, leaving them to consider the question at the heart of the story.

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Read “The Passing Crow” as it takes you on a fun adventure where you can choose between being super smart or having lots of power. It’s like a cool story with mythical stuff, making you think about your own choices. Easy and exciting for everyone!

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